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The Bipolar Weekly

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'm a 19 year old female living with Bipolar Disorder. Everyday of my life is like a struggle to survive. Do I belong here? Am I needed? Am I a bother to my family, my friends, and my husband? These are the questions that constantly go through my mind. Living with Bipolar Disorder is NOT an easy thing, but what you have to remember is that there are others out there living the same thing you are, some even worse. It's hard to go through life with this feeling of being a burden on everyone, but you're not. You have a purpose, a reason for being the way you are. In other words, "Bipolar Disorder is not a life sentence." You can still be yourself and have hopes and dreams and aspirations. Try to think of Bipolar Diorder as high blood pressure or diabetes. You will have to make little changes in your life, but you're still the same person you were before you "found out" about your disorder.

With every day that passes, I'm learing a little bit more about what I can and cannot do. You will too. It just takes some time and some effort on the part of you, your doctors, and the support of your family/friends. Make a little effort. Be here and make a difference, if not in the world, then in yourself.

By following the links at the top of the page, you will find other websites and resouces you can use. Many will be printer friendly so that you can have a copy of your own for journaling or website building.
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Crying Wolves, a web-log style journal, was created for people suffering from Bipolar Disorder or any other mental disorder. If you would like to become a member, or would like to start a journal of your own and add to our community, log on to
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