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The Bipolar Weekly

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The Reasons for Living Inventory

This is a little checklist to go over in your mind if you are thinking about committing suicide. Please go over it slowly and methodically think about each sentence. If you see one that applies to you, mentally check it off and keep it in your sight.

  • I have a responsibility and commitment to my family.
  • I believe I can learn to adjust to, or cope with, my problems.
  • I believe I have control over my life and destiny.
  • I believe only God has the right to end a life.
  • I am afraid of death.
  • I want to watch my children as the grow.
  • LIfe is all we have and is better than nothing.
  • I have future plans I am looking forward to carrying out.
  • No matter how bad I feel, I know that it will not last.
  • I love and enjoy my family too much and could not leave them.
  • I am afraid that my method of killing myself would fail.
  • I was to experience all that life has to offer, and there are many experiences I have not had yet that I want to have.
  • It would not be fair to leave the children for others to take care of.
  • I have a love of life.
  • I am too stable to kill myself.
  • My religios beliefs forbid it.
  • The effect on my children could be harmful.
  • It would hurt my famliy too much and I would not want them to suffer.
  • I am concernec about what others would think of me.
  • I consider it morally wrong.
  • I still have many things left to do.
  • I have the courage to face life.
  • I am afraid of the actual "act" of killing myself (the pain, blood, violence)
  • I believe killing myself would not really accomplish or solve anything.
  • Other people would think I am weak and selfish.
  • I would not want people to think I did not have control over my life.
  • I would not want my family to feel guilty afterward.

List other reasons for living and think about what matters most to you.

Adapted by permission from Linehan et al. (1983). Copyright 1983 by the American Psychological Association.
Taken from the book The Bipolar Disorder Guide:  What You and Your Family Should Know by David J Miklowitz, PhD

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